• StratFlex® Rhino
    flat-pack, functional art
  • StratFlex® Rhino
    flat-pack, functional art

Flat-Pack. Functional. Art.

A three-dimensional, sculptural piece made with the award-winning StratFlex® technology. The Rhino may be flexed by the owner to express different stances such as; head up or down; tail up or down etc.


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Book Feature | StratFlex® Rhino

Design for Children by Kimberlie Birks is a comprehensive, genre-defining survey of children's product and furniture design from Bauhaus to today published by Phaidon.com. The StratFlex® Rhino, designed by our founder Al Stratford, is featured in this great publication and we are truly honoured.

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The StratFlex® Rhino Dimensions

It may be a little hard to tell just how big the StratFlex® Rhino is in real life, so we made a handy scale reference. Don't worry he'll fit through the door!


Designed with StratFlex® Technology, by Al Stratford

The founder of Wintec® Innovation, Al Stratford, has been inventing furniture for over 36 years.
Visit his personal website by clicking on his signature above.