• StratFlex® Impala
    the 'go-to' flat-pack chair

The 'Go-To'. Flat-Pack. Chair.

Impala (small antelope), is our 'go-to', lightweight, flat-pack chair, designed specifically with ultimate versatility in mind.

Making use of the revolutionary and innovative StratFlex® Technology that inlays special formulated rubber, this allows the seat and backrest to conform to the shape and weight of the user, making it surprisingly comfortable. It is incredibly easy to transport as it flat packs to less than 45mm in height.

Made from high quality Birch laminate and finished in a smooth matt coating.
Rapid assembly time of no more than 5 minutes for 2 people.
It pairs beautifully with the StratFlex® Induna table.

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The StratFlex® Impala Specifications

Below are the dimensions, technical specifications and frequently asked questions.


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StratFlex® Impala chairs come in a flat box of 4 or 6 chairs unassembled and includes all the needed fixings & fittings to assemble the chairs. Assembly is really easy, taking less than 5 minutes per chair to complete.

Made from furniture grade, high quality Birch laminate manufactured with our StratFlex® Technology and finished in a smooth matt waterproof coating.

A StratFlex® Impala weighs a mere 4 kilograms, and has a handle cut-out in the backrest making it easy to move around.

StratFlex® Impala chairs are made to order. We lovingly nurture them until they are ready to be released.


Designed with StratFlex® Technology, by Al Stratford

The founder of Wintec® Innovation, Al Stratford, has been inventing furniture for over 36 years.
Visit his personal website by clicking on his signature above.