Cullinan Library Park, Gauteng (Completed)

We featured this special project last year when it was still very much under construction and we are so pleased to see it completed and looking great. The Architect on this project, Paul Thiede, did a fantastic job designing this library space right in the heart of Cullinan (30km from Pretoria) in Gauteng, simply called Cullinan Library Park. Cullinan is among some of South Africa’s most famous small towns, thanks to the Cullinan Diamond discovery in 1905 of course.

Projects like the Cullinan Library Park benefit the local community in such a powerful way. Boosting the education sector and developing local knowledge is a priceless resource and we are honored to be part of it.

We recently visited this newly completed gem and we are very proud to show you some of the photos. It was quite a unique experience being able to walk around the building before it was outfitted for it’s intended purpose of community library. It really highlighted the strong “bounced-light” effect that the Winslot® System provides. We hope the photos give an idea of the great natural light that pours through.